Viking Capital Zhang Shuwei Investment General "Asian Region including Korea, Blockchain Investment

Viking Capital in Korea, China's top 10 blockchain investment institutions. Publish Blockchain Dictionary and Blockchain Report in Korean

"Korea is a market that cannot be ignored in the blockchain market. We value Korea's potential for development in blockchain." Meeting in Daejeon for SME Technology Innovation on Aug. 30, Zhang Shuwei, general manager of Viking Capital Investment, gave a positive assessment of Korea's blockchain market. Viking Capital is a company that has such a strong investment that it ranks in the top 10 of the Krypto Fund in China. Viking Capital was created in 2017 with investments made by energy companies and chip makers. Chang, who was vice president of Hua Ying Capital, heads the committee. Viking Capital has invested in big blockchain businesses in China such as NEO, ONT, ARC, HYDRO and APPC. Earnings from ONT are 100 times higher and 40 times higher than those from NEO. Not only is it making investments but it is also working on researching and promoting blockchain. A blockchain dictionary was created through a business intelligence system. Currently, it is only available in Chinese and English, but the Korean version will also be released soon. And it has established the Viking Institute to publish data on blockchain every week. It is famous in China and the United States, with about 100,000 subscribers. Viking Capital is investing in China as well as the world. How do you feel about the chain block of technology investment chapter to the question whether general are “Expansion in the chain block as with the times.” and various people and ideas come from. "Developing exchanges and will be ". The chain, " Block, such as the Internet platform will develop, and quite progressive growth in data collection and security areas and, particularly at iot.Chain block of Asian markets including South Korea "and" is a good investment area to expectations, '' said. In South Korea, some General When asked whether chapter said, looking for a Viking to invest in the direction of global investment in new technologies and new business trends and above all else.Block chain block of South Korean research skills with these kinds of skills to attach chains to invest in the idea. " Viking Capital's investment objective “chain block train a chain to the right block with the proper technology aiming to create the world.” about the high.Said. The visit came through an invitation from South Korea's Krypto Fund Hillstone Partners. "We wanted to introduce Korean technology companies to Viking Capital, which is specialized in technology investment," said Hwang Ra-yeol, CEO of Hillstone Partners. "We will continue to introduce Korean technology companies to Viking Capital in line with the investment direction of Vi