Techstars-Hillstone Partnership..."Korea Start-up Support Overseas."

Hillstone Partners announced on the 15th that it will start global startup accelerator Techstar and 'Techstar Korea Accelerator Program' from the end of this year. Techstar is a global startup incubator with a portfolio of a total of 1,700 startups worldwide. It will select South Korean startups to support their direct investment execution and overseas expansion. Under the auspices of Techstar's South Korean partner, Hillstone Partners, the tech giant's program will run from June 2020 after receiving applications from local startups from December. Techstar and Hillstone Partners signed a combined three-year partnership deal in late May to run the Techstar program. In the second half of this year, Hillstone Partners plans to complete preparations for the program that will start next year by recruiting start-ups with local startup support agencies and various partners, including the Bonto Global Center under the Ministry of Science, Technology, Information and Communication. "We are confident that the Hillstone Partners' long experience in startup ecosystems, the technology and corporate infrastructure in the regi Want to add a caption to this image? Click the Settings icon. on called Insight and Pangyo, and Korea's vibrant startup atmosphere will lead the program to success," said Techstar Will Robinson, vice president of Asia-Pacific Affairs. "Although there is a lot of money going on in the market under the initiative of the government, there is still difficulty for startups to make inroads into foreign markets due to lack of experience and overseas networks," said Hwang Ra-yeol, CEO of Hilton Partners. "The government budget and private resources are wasted by the program." "For Korean start-ups to make inroads into the global market, support of global accelerator who knows a lot about overseas market rather than domestic support is very important," he said. More information about the TechStar program is available on the TechStar website and through Hillstone Partners. Hillstone Partners is an investment firm established in 2010, bringing together more than a decade of investment experts with experience in Samsung Asset Management, Merrill Lynch, Barclays, Mirae Asset, Daishin Securities and KTB. It has a strong network of expertise in IT, clean technology. It is currently constructing PE funds and cooperatives targeting major regions such as South Korea, China and Japan. It is not just a fund-building process, but it is carrying out a business strategy with the development of a platform that supports other PE funds and combinations in mind.