[Blockchain] Clear direction is imperative...Stop a means of speculation.

It's already been several years since the concept of 'decentralization' suddenly became popular as blockchain became an issue. Still, like religious doctrines, those who believe in the concept of de-centralization argue that de-centralization will change the world with strong beliefs, but this is a kind of fallacy from ignorance of history in some In the course of human history, it is rare for a group of people to insist on centralization and force its vested interests. In the cultural sphere, attempts to de-centralize in the arts have been constantly tried, but in fact, the efficiency, accuracy, and economics of centralization have been so different that they have evolved naturally in the way of centralization, and the question of the choice of centralization and de-centralization has never been given to us. We have watched slowly until now that Postmodern has won a certain position in a culture, but has not changed as much as the ferocious spirit of its birth to swallow up the main stream. The ideal of building a technology kingdom based on the philosophy of de-centralization, which is claimed by blockchain technology believers, is also going in a similar direction. Rather, some of the arguments that the nature of the blockchain craze is not 'de-centralization' but 'heat resistance' are more convincing now, as people want to resist censorship by someone who doesn't exist, not by a desire for de-centralization. It is the same logic that the King of the Technical Kingdom does not perish the Rezim (value or norm). In a system where no one controls, no one assumes any responsibility. People who have never experienced what middlemen play in business, and how business changes accordingly, can make wild allegations that middlemen should appear rather than think of them as just middle-of-the-road exploiters and eliminate them, rather than decentralize them. But if you think middlemen are profiting excessively, you just have to improve it on the current field. There is no reason to make such a fuss by dragging in blockchain technology with what one can do right away. Eliminating middlemen can find more convenient and easier ways to solve without blockchain technology. It is more important to think about how much more middlemen will be used and motivate middlemen to boost business, and how to improve the operations of inefficient or immoral middlemen. The negative attitude and distrust of the blind centralization system of people who do not realize the importance of middlemen, and the blind belief that blockchain technology will solve the problem perfectly, are becoming the biggest hurdles for blockchain technology to take a step forward. Skipping fees to users is not all about the business either. Even though the fee is 0%, Zero Pay does not activate significant users until now. So is blockchain technology useless? I don't know if it will be a beat, an eider or a tron, but personally I'm sure that the cryptocurrency will never disappear until the Earth is destroyed. There is no big reason. It's just that it's being used so well now. I think cryptocurrency has already completed positioning with just the level of role it has played so far. It has a unique use case that feels irreplaceable in drug transactions, gambling exchanges, illegal foreign exchange transfers, and money laundering. One can simply answer why cryptocurrency is not being used in real life. This is because the use and purpose of cryptocurrency was not real-life use in the first. Unfortunately, more than 80 percent of those who created the current Krypto market have been and will continue to be speculators who dream of realizing profits through cryptocurrency. Would you spend the coin that you bought for investment purposes in the exchange wallet to buy triangular kimbap at the local convenience store and to drink Americano at the coffee shop? Why? I have cash in my wallet and a card. Moreover, if the coin price rises, why should it be paid with the coin when the coin is bought by making the exchange wallet in order to make profits by selling? There is no need to bring out strange neologisms, such as staples or key currency. Even for the fund's current management, "Let's save VC volume as we throw money into the portfolio we invest in." Even though Dill comes in every day, he doesn't care if he wants to build a center or research center and make a proper initial investment in blockchain technology companies from now on. In order to overcome this problem theoretically, coinage must find more useful than just following in the footsteps of the existing legal currency. The answer now has to start with finding things that cannot be done in the current legal currency. And whoever finds the answer will eventually become the winner of the covered global market. It is true that Korea's blockchain technology is now far behind China and the United States. But it's a crisis and an opportunity, in a way, to have a very good development infrastructure and manpower, and the history of this industry isn't that long. It is also true that regardless of our will, the Republic of Korea is regarded as a market that can never be ignored in the cryptocurrency industry. If Korea focuses on developing its technologies by taking a clear direction even a day earlier, it would not seem impossible for Korea to take a surprising opportunity in the blockchain market and lead the market at all.Hwang Rayol, CEO of Hillstone Partners.