"Let's create code-money laws together" with the Hillstone-HMP Collaboration.

Hillstone Partners, a VC (Cryption and Blockchain Venture Investment) fund, made an announcement on the 2nd that it has established a strategic cooperative relationship with Chungjeong, a law firm, in the field of blockchain technology law. Under the agreement, the two sides plan to come up with concrete solutions to improve relevant laws and systems to promote the local blockchain industry, with the aim of finding new ways through legal considerations on how to invest in Krypto funds, which are not currently clear. Accordingly, it is going to work on joint research on blockchain technology and develop South Korean legal standards for collecting investment in cryptocurrency (ICO, IEO, Krypto Fund) in the future. Hillstone Partners created the fund earlier this year with partners from China, the United States, South Korea and Europe. It has recently implemented investment in blockchain technology companies such as Taiwan's ioeX, and is pushing to create an ecosystem for blockchain technology-based companies. The technical information and communication team of the law firm Chungjeong was formed last year to provide professional legal services on key legal issues related to the fourth industrial revolution. The team consists of 12 Korean lawyers, foreign lawyers and accountants, including Park Eun-ji, who is led by Ahn Chan-sik. They are currently working on IPOs (Investments in Cryptographic Money), cryptocurrency exchanges, and related work on bills to regulate cryptocurrency money. Ahn Chan-sik, a lawyer at the law firm Chungjeong, said the agreement was signed with Blockchain, the talk of the 4th Industrial Revolution era, to lead legal issues on virtual currencies and contribute to the creation of a healthy blockchain ecosystem. "We will actively seek to resolve legal issues related to blockchain investment, which is not yet clear," said Hwang Ra-yeol, CEO of Hillstone Partners.