Staking2, a platform to present a new revenue model for digital assets, is launched in Korea.

Report on the entry into the Korean market with the Hillstone Partners

With the recent news of digital finance-related keywords being heard in the blockchain industry around the world, a new project that is driving hot issues in the digital financial market has made its way into the Korean market. Staking2 is a platform that can provide information and related education, strategy and data analysis of excellent projects to users with a focus on Staking and proceed one step to profit management. This is a platform that provides services that enable users to participate in Staking more safely and more efficiently, while allowing individual users who cannot operate the nodes on behalf of the operating costs and technology input procedures of users who want to earn revenue through Staking. Such Staking2 will formally launch its Korean service with the Hillstone Partners. By linking the wallet addresses of each public chain, an investor can create a new revenue model, such as by locking assets and increasing digital assets, through the act of stalking among the PoS ecosystems. Supporting the creation of blocks with the nodes in the form of lock-up or voting on the nodes that the coin holders have is called Staking. It is true that the current stalking market has had a lot of difficulties for investors to get information or make investment decisions due to different ecosystem-specific methods and processes such as lock-up, voting and verification. For example, EOS sets a fixed number of supernodes, ranking them through voting, Cosmos etc. has requirements only for node lock-up quantity, and does not limit the quantity of nodes, etc. Staking method is different for different projects. The essence, however, is to earn revenue from asset-based voting, the same as generating interest through a lock-up, and now the industry calls the Staking Exploitation revenue an "unlocking income." Stakingrewards' statistics show that the market share of the Staking market continues to grow, and the market ratio also expands from 6.57 percent to 16.2 percent, with the total starting price of the Staking project reaching $54 billion. As of June 5, the market is expected to expand further, with 75 projects around the world supporting the Staking method and 16 projects including Etherium and Polkadot will gradually support Staking. Staking2 comprehensive service platform has been established as a pioneer of stalking beauty through collaboration with over 100 media and communities, with 28 main body ecosystems, including IOST, BTM, ChainX, NULS, and Polkadot, based on a period of just over two months from the start of July 17. The entry into the Korean market will make it easier and more diverse for Korea's outstanding projects and users, as well as for Korea's excellent users, and the global project will also serve as a bridge for access to the Korean market under the theme of "Staking," said Hwang Rayol, CEO of Hillstone. On the Staking2 comprehensive service platform, investors can increase their profits by receiving support for the promotion and management of the Staking2 ecosystem users, media and community resources, as well as support services for various fields of support, such as node deployment, technology, operations and safety. This is a solution that can give a new boost to the currently sluggish digital asset market, and it is highly anticipated to reverberate in Korea in the future. Source: Blockchain Valley::No.1 Korea Blockchain & Fintechh Media (