'InoTech IR Symbiosis Contest' is held to match start-ups and small businesses

On the 27th, 'Investor Relations (IR) Co-existence Contest' was held at 'ITS 2019', which is an innovation competition between small and medium businesses. Under the theme of "Connection," the competition is a program to find promising start-ups and match them with smaller companies. Starting from energy Harvesting Circuit technology to AI translation, big data and blockchain, start-up companies that participated in this day's event participated. Target received 'Kernel Log' (CEO Kim Eun-seo) that introduced energy Harvesting circuit technology. Kernel Log is a startup company that won the grand prize at Seoul National University's inaugural competition and has implemented wireless switch technology without batteries. It has applied 'harvesting' technology to start businesses that gather and utilize energy that is supposed to be spilled or thrown away in everyday life. "Todawks (CEO Shim Jae-shin)" won the second prize. Todorworks is a startup company that has been in its fourth year since its foundation and has developed a Todo Drive that can be operated like a power wheelchair by being mounted in a manual wheelchair. It is affordable and easily fitable for a quarter of the price of a powered wheelchair, helping improve the quality of life for the disabled. It went to 'Tag Solution' (CEO Park Seung-hwan), which introduced transparent LED technology as the third best player. The transparent LED in Tag Solution is flexible film-type and can be easily attached to or passed on to any type of glass, building or outer wall. It has also been confirmed that it has excellent durability and good connection with Internet of Things and Media Facade. The top three companies that participated in the day will have the opportunity to participate in overseas advancement programs and crowdfunding in North America. In addition, startup companies that participated in the presentation promised to develop joint technologies with small and medium-sized technology companies, providing a good opportunity to create win-win results between small and medium-sized enterprises and startups. William Phillip Robinson, deputy representative for Asia Pacific at Techstar, the world's largest accelerator, and William Allen Ford, CEO of Lunchboom, a kickstart agency, and James Park, director of Canadian investor Izzalto, and Hwang Ra-yol, CEO of Hillstone Partners, a local investor. "At a time when it is extremely rare in Korea to make an IR once and immediately lead to an investment, it is too unrealistic to expect an IR once and an investment from abroad," CEO Hwang Ra-yeol said. "We should start our business by joining hands with places that have enough networks to lead us overseas, such as TechStar and Launch Boom, which also participated as a reviewer."