Blockchain Services GXchain, Amazon Web Services Listing

GXChain's Mirror Node Service announced on the 25th that it has confirmed the service re-hosting on Amazon Web Service (AWS), the world's largest cloud computing platform, on the 21st. Mirror node service is a service that copies to a blockchain node rather than a server, such as a mirror server that is copied to solve a service problem. Using AWS, developers can set up nodes with a single click and quickly run the GXChain-based block chain system through the GXChain Mirror service on AWS App Store. Additionally, GXChain provides tutorials, smart contracts, and DApp development training documents, making blockchain services easy to use through the GXChain network for tens of thousands of AWS enterprise customers. GXChain is considered one of China's top three main networks, along with Neo and Tron, to provide services to contribute to the global data economy. Completed by GXChain's core developers, the trust-based computing protocol TCP aims to provide innovative solutions for enterprise and personal data computing in the era of big data, thereby addressing the contradictions between data business efficiency and data privacy. GXChain has the advantages of a graphic layer architecture based on the DPoS Consensus mechanism and chain functions such as G-ID, GVM, BaaS, BlockCity Pay, to help companies and developers not familiar with blockchain develop applications more easily. Block City, a dApp developed based on GXChain, already has 3 million users who use real names, and the inflow of new users is increasing rapidly as Hillstone Partners of Korea has recently started to take charge of official nodes. "GXChain's collaboration with Amazon AWS is a good example of the scalability of blockchain in the field of technology," said Hwang Rayol, CEO of Hillstone Partners, South Korea's official partner. "The actual use of blockchain technology has accelerated, and it has shown great potential to grow in scale in the future."